Chapter XLVI

Chapter XLVI

This season Hawaiian Hostage commemorates Queen Liliu’okalani’s writing with two designs inspired by the 46th chapter of her book. If you have not read her book you can find it online by clicking the link below.


Chapter 46 details her sentencing and imprisonment in the palace.  The Queen talks about her sentencing and imprisonment. She discusses how she could only obtain news from the newspaper wrapped around the flowers brought to her from her garden.

It was the duty of the guards to search whatever was sent to me before it was delivered into my hands; so the baskets, whether of food, flowers, clothes, or papers, went to them first, and at least at the start were closely examined; yet there were some kindly disposed towards me and not over-critical. Every newspaper, however, had to come through the hands of Mr. Wilson; and if he detected in it anything whatever relating to the government, he would take it away, not permitting me to see it. I used to find great comfort in the bits of newspaper that were wrapped around my bouquets which were brought to me from my own garden at Uluhaimalama.

Also during this time she translated Aloha Oe, one of her most famous songs.  We include some of this translation in our XLVI design.

Three Stripe XLVI greyXLVI Grey

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