Chapter XLVI

Chapter XLVI

This season Hawaiian Hostage commemorates Queen Liliu’okalani’s writing with two designs inspired by the 46th chapter of her book. If you have not read her book you can find it online by clicking the link below. HAWAII’S STORY BY HAWAII’S QUEEN BY LILIUOKALANI 1898 Chapter 46 details her sentencing and imprisonment in the palace.  The Queen […]

Queen Liliuokalani being escorted up the stairs of the government house after her arrest

Queen Liliuokalani’s arrest

Queen Liliʻuokalani was arrested on January 16, 1895, several days after a failed attempt to restore the Kingdom of Hawaii led by Robert William Wilcox, when firearms were found at the base of Diamond Head Crater. She denied any knowledge at her trial, defended by former attorney general Paul Neumann. She was sentenced to five years of hard labor in prison […]

Hawaiian Hostage Winter line 2014

Winter Line 2014

Check out this years winter line in the shop. The Hawaiian Hostage “In Her Honor” features Queen Liliuokalani with a lei around her neck. The pattern in the background is based off a quilt designed for her in the 1890′s called “Liliuokalani’s fans and kahilis.”

Hawaiian Independence day

Ka La Kuokoa

In the Kingdom of Hawaii, November 28 was an official holiday called Ka La Kuokoa, or Independence Day. This was the day in 1843 when England and France formally recognized Hawaii’s independence. Faced with the problem of foreign encroachment of Hawaiian territory, His Hawaiian Majesty King Kamehameha III deemed it prudent and necessary to dispatch […]

Iolani Palace Benefit Concert

Ola Ka Ha

Please join Hawaiian Hostage on April 6th for “Ola Ka Ha.” The concert will benefit one of the main historical and iconic treasures of Hawaiʻi. The benefit is FREE OF CHARGE with all proceeds going to ʻIolani Palace. Hā Enterprises and ʻIolani Palace have organized a stellar lineup of Hawaiʻi’s musical artists, storytellers, practitioners and […]

Rabbit Island Gun Runners

Rabbit Island Gun Runners

On December 19th 1894 four men sat off the coast of Makapu’u Point.  In the distance a schooner slowly appeared.  Recognizing the schooner Wahlberg from the blue signal light, George Townsend held up the red light in response.  Another brighter flash was seen off the bow of the schooner as had been arranged.  Townsend climbed […]